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Acoustic Simulation

Fortune Grand strives for constant and stable acoustic innovation by adopting various simulation techniques such as LOUDSOFT, LEAP, and COMPSOL, to fulfill customer demands and effectively reduce time and cost on speaker design.

Customized Total Solution

We offer one-stop service of customized solutions to fulfill wide range of acoustic application. From driver units and speaker boxes to consumer products, we insist a fully automated manufacturing process for the production, and runs the examination with comprehensive quality. It maximizes the efficiency of production and reduces the production costs to satisfy the market demand.







Professional Measurement and Testing

The R&D headquarters is equipped with the standard anechoic chambers. Every manufacturing plant has the appropriate acoustic measurement facilities, such as SoundCheck, CLIO, KLIPPEL, to ensure the preciseness of the speaker analysis. The professional testing center utilizes the latest techniques and facilities.

※Examination Facilities

Ear SimulatorSoundCheck
Frequency Spectrum AnalyzerKLIPPEL
Digital Micro-Focus X-Ray AnalyzerComsol

Worldwide Patent Authentication

We attach importance on the speaker driver design and the diaphragm technology to serve with high quality of sound. There have been about 200 patents approved worldwide and more are in process of application.

Anechoic Chamber


Sound Check


Environmental Lab

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