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Research and Development

Fortune Grand Technology Inc. is reputed for high-quality manufacturing of audio products for years. By virtue of the excellent capability of research and development and the continuous innovation of manufacturing process, we are able to stand ahead of the market and develop ultra-thin speakers, the cutting-edge product. The effective production and the widespread patents in Taiwan, China, and the United States have made us being one of the top electro-acoustic product suppliers.

※Precise Manufacturing Testing

High-low Temperature Chamber and Low Pressure Chamber2.5D/3D Measurement
Loudspeaker Life TestingRoHS Testing
Temperature / Humidity ChamberThermal Shock Testing
Vibration Tester and Drop TestingHeadphone Testing Station

Driver Unit Customization

The research and development of high power driver units is our professional specialty. We have successfully developed various ultra-thin and mircro driver units for a wide range of applications with global patents.

The driver unit, like the heart of a loudspeaker, has played a crucial role in the sound performance. Magnet, coil, and diaphragm are three main factors make a good driver unit. The chamber in the driver unit directly affects the sound performance. We believe that superior sounds derive from good driver units with high quality of materials and design. Therefore, we are devoted to finding the most comfortable sound from the bass, mids, and highs.

With the comprehensive acoustic simulation, laboratory testing, sound tuning, and automatic production, Fortune Grand has been approved by many brand customers with years of cooperation.

Magnet Unit Machine


High quality and efficiency of Production Facilities

We uphold the professional attitude and keep the spirit of innovation to ensure high quality, efficiency, and flexibility of production.

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