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Bluetooth Version
Connecting Distance
10 Meters
Play Time
2 hrs / 16 hrs with case
Battery Capacity
55mAH / case 900mAH
5g / 63g
97 x 46 x 37 mm
Inquiry List
  • Hi-Fi audio chamber design, great vocal performance with balanced bass, mids, and trebles
  • Smart Switch, auto Bluetooth connection, and hibernation that enhanced power consumption efficiency
  • High capacity Charging cradle that enables fully recharge the headset up to 8 times for over 16 hours playtime in total
  • Ergonomic design, perfect for long-term and steady wearing
  • Supports voice assistant (Siri, Google assistant)
  • Equipped with high sensitive microphone to ensure phone call quality
  • Supports stereo dual mode and single mode by using each earbud separately
  • OEM/ODM available
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