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About Us

About Us


The world’s leading supplier of Notebook speakers

Fortune Grand Technology Inc. is reputed for high-quality manufacturing of audio products for years. Over 30 years of acoustic technology experiences, we are proficient in offering total solutions to our worldwide customers. By virtue of the excellent capability of research and development and the continuous innovation of manufacturing process, we are able to stand ahead of the market and develop the speakers with the cutting-edge acoustic technology to fulfil various needs in the mobile market. Through all the efforts we are able to be the world’s leading supplier of notebook speaker for long.

Innovation makes us grow

The headquarters is based in Taiwan and factories in the East and the South of China with over 8,000 employees for the global operation.
The best electro-acoustic talents, the efficient capacity, and the widespread patents in Taiwan, China, and US, have made us being one of the top electro-acoustic product suppliers.

We vigorously expand all sorts of application of ultra-thin electro-acoustic products in recent years.
As the previously developed speakers have been widely applied on notebooks, ultrabooks, tablet PC, smartphones, and LCD of the world famous brands,
we endeavor further for the innovation for the ultra-thin device and application that gives users a whole new audio experience.
We are enthusiastic to invest in developing consumer electro-acoustic products toward the high-end headphone and speaker system market, with an aim at a steadily growth of the business.

Your first-choice acoustic partner

Being one of the global leading suppliers for ultra-thin speakers, we persist in humanism in business management and perfection of design.
We pursue fine quality of pleasant sound as the way it really is.
Being an acoustic expert with high concerns about the sound quality makes us confident to be your first-choice supplier.

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