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Customers and quality are the top-priority

We always keep our customer and product quality at top priority by controlling the product quality with extremely strict process. In order to boost customers' trust in our products and realize our business philosophy, we have implemented the ISO 9002 quality system since 2000, and successively established ISO 9001, ISO14001 and QC080000. We hope that the quality and service required by this quality assurance model will thoroughly satisfy customers' needs.

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Quality steadiness and environmental protection

The professional testing center utilizes the latest testing instruments to monitor product stability under the highest standard with multiple testing processes. The unified acoustic testing process is performed under the most precise quality control system to ensure the meticulous request for audio quality.

Fortune Grand not only possesses several management system certifications, but also takes the environmental friendly production into account by complying with the RoHS and the Conflict-Free Minerals Policy on the production facilities and processes.

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